The best of TW fandom

Salty’s official documentation of the TW fandom’s descent into madness.  Will be periodically updated.


Teen Wolf is a minestrone orgy


Derek wants to be your teenage wolf tonight

Also here have some kitten!Sterek

Dylan wat

We take Hoechlin’s wifebeater and turn it into angst and Peter’s dead children

Cars are shipped

Just… vhelton — (To those of you not in the know, the passionate love affair between AfterElton and vh1 became a thing during the Slash Tourney Madness)

Helvatica!Stiles and ComicSans!Derek

UPDATED: 11/28/12

Derek is an Anastasia doll 

The Supernatural and Teen Wolf costume departments mate and their lovechild is gorgeous 

Derek is a vending machine aka Dylan humps snacks in the name of product placement 


It started with helenish answering a prompt by tsukinofaerii

and it quickly devolved into

This one went a bit crazy guys — I think I got the main ones but there might have been stuff I missed in the notes

Bree, Norris, and Saucery start shipping soda!Stiles/Hard liquor!Derek

The were-squirrels have a knot

Fandom has a serious discussion on Dylan’s herpes.  This is not a joke.

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